Midsummer in Sweden

Booooy, i havent written in ages. Very sorry folks but thats just the way it goes when you are travelling... So, i am trying to shorten the text a little bit for everyone of us in order not to get too tired reading all that stuff...

Sweden was nice, just nice. Well the landscape is great, the clean air and the countrysite, water, blue sky. I met some interesting people and was able to improve my swedish for quite a bit. I had been speaking swedish for all most the entire month and then when i suddenly had to switch to english, i was starting to stagger.... ehhhhhhmmm ha ha
...but theres always a but... sweden is unfortunately i have to say yoo much of a car, success and career oriented country that sympathises alot with the US. So i had to keep my mouth shut all times... almost. As Alexandeer supertramp said. "20th century inventions!"

Anyway, no reason for you to miss out on all the news...

I left from Sodertalje in Sweden, near Stockholm, trying to hitch from a very stupid place, in the middle of a roundabout. My host had told me that she usually used this entry to the highway... i beleived it as there was heavy traffic, but as i understood only later, they all drove to Stockholm, which was in the opposite direction that i had to go... So i continued and walked across the bridge to get to another entry on the other side. Luckily, there was a bycicle path so dont worry folks, i didnt walk on the highway, as in Germany... and later in Kalmar, but that comes a little later.
Frmo the other side it was really easy to catch a ride, avert 3 mins somebody stopped and took me to the next gas station along the highway. From there i found a truck driver who drove all the way soth in my direction. Easy peasy! In the middle of the drive he had to take a 45min lunch break, compulsory, he told me, the company rules. I understood. First i thought i would wait but then we saw another truck at the gas station and my driver told me that he knew the guy was driving in the same direction. So i tried to cacth a ride with him and sucseeded.

Its just amazing, how much people are willing to give if you just dare to ask them! I made from Stockholm to Kalmar with only 3 lifts, could have in 2 lifts, but chose 3 to be faster. But because of the talking i was so worn out when i arrived to Kalmar, where my brother lives.

I had not been to Kalmar in many years, so not travelling there was out of question. But i wanted to , just to see my relatives again and my nephew and niece again, which are growing older fast. I feel like an old aunty admitting that and asking them in which grade they are goin as i cant seem to remember it. Didnt our aunts keep on asking us and we would get really angry if they coulndt remember it next time?

Upon arrival i received a present from my niece, a necklace, in fact a really beautufyl and fancy one which i later lost or forgot. I am heartbroken about that and i cant tell her. As it was the day before midsummer http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midsummer preparations were being made. Building the "Midsommarstång" and cover it all over with flowers had to be done, I had the chance to participate and i was getting very curious about the next day. I was really looking forward to it. I expected people to dance around the Midsommarstång all day and night, and be drunk. None of that, it only turned out to start after lunch and only last about 20 minutes. That was it?? Yes, that was it! Then people started to eat sweets, cake and drink coffee. Eating sweets is quite common here, every day, yes! Thats usually on TOP of a piece of cake or ice cream after dinner on a special occasion. Its quite cheap to get also, i bet its the cheapest food to get in Sweden, sweets! The rest is bloody expensive.. I keept on hitchhiking, even after i had moved to Oland http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%96land where i stayed with the relatives. I hitched back and forth to the library in Kalmar to get free internet and to meet up with my new won friends from couchsurfing. I had also organised a meeting and unbeleivable 5 people showed up!

we picked12 litres of strawberries

This weeks new add to my playlist:

Total numbers of lifts from Sodertalje to Kalmar: 3
Money spent on transport: 0

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