Yoga is the key to finding your middle

Whatever instrument you are using, they are necessary to relax form daily stress. We are all running and stressing around often enough forgetting that we do need some time for ourselfs as well. It is a shame and i can truly recommend taking some time off every day for yourself and only yourself. No matter what you use, a run - the gym - getting a massage... do take that little extra 30mins a day to free your head and to look after yourself.

I've been doing these excersises several times now. They really give you the kick when you need some energy.

Yoga helps me to relax and leave all my daily sorrows away for a while. It helps me really to clear my head completely. If you can think of nothing else than only the pose you are doing right now, in the very moment you are doing it, then you have sucseeded! And the best thing: afterwards I am much more motivated and energized! Try it out!I would like you to participate in my joy:

1. Tara Stiles
The poses are very easy to learn and I like the way she is explaining what you need to do. It does go a little fast sometimes though. In that case you might need to pause the video.

2. Bealive Studio
I started with these poses first. After I had done them for the first tiime, I felt my energy level explode immediately. I couldn' t believe it myself.  But they helped me alot. Notice thatthe poses are similar to video number 1. Unforuntately, nobody is talking in the video, so you dont know if you are doing the poses correctly.

Note: these videos are for free, you only pay with your time. :) Enjoy! 

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