I am free I am Greek

Dear readers

Wow, it´s been quite a journey until here. I have been travelling for almost 10 years, I started to blog in 2007! Yes, no joke. Wow... and Blogger is still here and better than ever. I still love blogger more over Wordpress and I enjoy using this interface.

I never thought I would last that long when I started.  I had never imagined that and also I never thought about how I could be so transformed either. But all in the world is about change. That is the only constant. And even to this very day, I am still benefiting from my many experiences and all the valuable lessons that I took when travelling.

I am free and I am Greek? 
Yes, I have spent the last 3 summers on an Island in Greece. After my first encounter with Greek in 2013 I came to Crete, just for a holiday. Yes, that is how it all starts. "Just of a holiday" and then you stay, and stay, and stay... And after a few months, it feels like home.

Here is an article that explains, what Crete does to you. IF you do NOT Want to be transformed or enchanted, do NOT,  absolutely not click and go read other travel blogs.

How Crete transforms you

A new book about my journey and my life in Crete will be released very soon! I´ll keep you posted as soon as it is available!

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