The universe has your back: 10 years of couch surfing

Travelling builds your character.  They say. 

In April this year I had a reason for celebrating:

I realised that I had been on Couchsurfing for 10 years already!

10 years. Wow. I would never have imagined how my life would be 10 years ago when I signed up on Couchsurfing and went on my first trip.

What would have happened if I had never found out about it?

I would still be staying in hostels, I would never have had access to all this knowledge and possibility, I would still live in my tiny village, unhappy and not even know about all that exists in this world.

I would never ever be this person I am now!!

I would never have relocated to Zurich for my studies...
... and thus never had been able to get into contact with all the people and knowledge I have now. 

I would never have been travelled around Europe, even Russia..
... and thus get to know all these cultures and languages, get all this experience.. and learn how hitchhike and see the world in freedom!

I would never have been able to travel Canada and most of Europe in this way.
... and thus never have come to love travelling as much and learned all this life experience.

I would never have stayed in Scotland for that long...
... and thus never have been able to know about the  The Dating game, ;) and grow from my own failures..and developed into a Dating Coach.

I would never have had been able to grow as much personally. 

I would never have come into contact with Vipassana Mediation 
... and thus would never have started to meditate myself and thus never have reached this level of life quality and spiritual connectedness with myself.

I would never have found out about Permaculture, never have lived abroad, Geo Arbitrage, Blogging, Photographing and writing and self-publishing ebooks.
... and thus never have learned all the tools needed for todays work!

I would never have come to the point of understanding that building my own company was even possible! 

I would never have found my mission in life without my couch surfing guest
... who became my coach and accompanied me in my life. 

I would never have found the Swing Dance community without Couchsurfing..
.. and thus never have found this fun and liberating way of dancing and this lovely community!

I would never have had the experience to be a Dog Trainer
.. and thus never had come to love shooting and hunting dogs .. - mind you thats pretty rare for a Vegan!!!

I would never have come into contact with Veganism and healthy eating..
.. and thus I would never have reached this health level that I have now.

I would never have understood that we can incorporate opposites in our life
.. and thus operate from Permaculture Principles. 

So many things, the list is endless. I would never ever be anywhere near the person I am today.

 Wow, what a ride!! 

And this was only half of my life! The other half is yet to start!