The hardest thing I have ever done in my life

What could that be? Dear reader I am about to bring an entire new world to you:

What is the hardest thing I have ever done? 

I volunteered as staff on a 9 day Vipassana Course.

What is Vipassana

Vipassana is a method of meditation. To be precise it is the method with which Bhudda finally reached enlightenment after trying out so many other techniques.

I regularly take a 9 day meditation courses for my own health. It gives me so much benefits that you cannot imagine. It slows you down, it cleans your mental shit, it brings up your health and your "issues" and gives you a chance to work on it.  It makes you much stronger and able to deal with your  emotions in a better way. I never missed a meditation since I started in February 2015!

If you want further info, please contact me directly, I won't go much deeper into it here.

Volunteering at a Vipassana course

After my own course in March 2016 I volunteered to stay in the Vipassana centre for another course. In total I stayed almost one month .. note: mostly in silence and no internet or phones.

That was my first time volunteering and I hit the jackpot: Course manager position.

->That is the toughest, hardest with most responsibility and least sleep and rest time. I hardly slept at all. I went to bed the latest and woke up the earliest.

The manager is responsible for everything and takes care of every member in the course, sits next to the teacher and also does translations during lunch break. The manager is responsible to have all members participate at the meals (fasting is not allowed), to overlook the entire situation, to spot funny things, to get lost members, crying ones, getting the dietary needs from the kitchen, ringing the gong every f.. hour and making sure everybody comes to the meditations. She sleeps with one eye open and usually gets woken up at night if a member has trouble, cries, feels uneasy.

It´s no walk in the park. I would love to do it again, but I don't think I have the stamina for this again.

Every free minute I had I would go to the shared volunteer room (no single room for the manager)  to get a minute-sleep with the alarm in my hand. As soon as I feel asleep, the thing falls to the floor and I woke up. It made a difference. Any free minute: sleep and rest your body.

I lost a few kilos during that month in the centre as there was hardly any food and mostly not for gluten-dairy intolerant people like me. It was really tough to run on low fuel. I ran on white rice and rice cakes with peanut butter (if there was any).

What the volunteers do - also the kitchen workers - is giving up yourself completely and entirely to serve. That is what it is called when you sign up. You SERVE. After completing this 9 days I finally understood what it means to serve. You serve 100%, 24h a day, unconditionally.

View when you sign up for a course

Giving a donation is easy, but giving 10 days of your life in such circumstances is a truly tough thing. Go do it if you feel fit enough.

READ THIS: If you ever go to a Vipassana centre PLEASE make sure you bring a few tablets of chocolate to the volunteers. They will greatly appreciate it. (We are not allowed to eat away the students food and only get when everybody else has eaten)

I thank the person who told me about Vipassana: Leo form Brönnöysund which hosted me via Couchsurfing. Thank you Couchsurfing!

The universe has your back: 10 years of couch surfing

Travelling builds your character.  They say. 

In April this year I had a reason for celebrating:

I realised that I had been on Couchsurfing for 10 years already!

10 years. Wow. I would never have imagined how my life would be 10 years ago when I signed up on Couchsurfing and went on my first trip.

What would have happened if I had never found out about it?

I would still be staying in hostels, I would never have had access to all this knowledge and possibility, I would still live in my tiny village, unhappy and not even know about all that exists in this world.

I would never ever be this person I am now!!

I would never have relocated to Zurich for my studies...
... and thus never had been able to get into contact with all the people and knowledge I have now. 

I would never have been travelled around Europe, even Russia..
... and thus get to know all these cultures and languages, get all this experience.. and learn how hitchhike and see the world in freedom!

I would never have been able to travel Canada and most of Europe in this way.
... and thus never have come to love travelling as much and learned all this life experience.

I would never have stayed in Scotland for that long...
... and thus never have been able to know about the  The Dating game, ;) and grow from my own failures..and developed into a Dating Coach.

I would never have had been able to grow as much personally. 

I would never have come into contact with Vipassana Mediation 
... and thus would never have started to meditate myself and thus never have reached this level of life quality and spiritual connectedness with myself.

I would never have found out about Permaculture, never have lived abroad, Geo Arbitrage, Blogging, Photographing and writing and self-publishing ebooks.
... and thus never have learned all the tools needed for todays work!

I would never have come to the point of understanding that building my own company was even possible! 

I would never have found my mission in life without my couch surfing guest
... who became my coach and accompanied me in my life. 

I would never have found the Swing Dance community without Couchsurfing..
.. and thus never have found this fun and liberating way of dancing and this lovely community!

I would never have had the experience to be a Dog Trainer
.. and thus never had come to love shooting and hunting dogs .. - mind you thats pretty rare for a Vegan!!!

I would never have come into contact with Veganism and healthy eating..
.. and thus I would never have reached this health level that I have now.

I would never have understood that we can incorporate opposites in our life
.. and thus operate from Permaculture Principles. 

So many things, the list is endless. I would never ever be anywhere near the person I am today.

 Wow, what a ride!! 

And this was only half of my life! The other half is yet to start! 

I am free I am Greek

Dear readers

Wow, it´s been quite a journey until here. I have been travelling for almost 10 years, I started to blog in 2007! Yes, no joke. Wow... and Blogger is still here and better than ever. I still love blogger more over Wordpress and I enjoy using this interface.

I never thought I would last that long when I started.  I had never imagined that and also I never thought about how I could be so transformed either. But all in the world is about change. That is the only constant. And even to this very day, I am still benefiting from my many experiences and all the valuable lessons that I took when travelling.

I am free and I am Greek? 
Yes, I have spent the last 3 summers on an Island in Greece. After my first encounter with Greek in 2013 I came to Crete, just for a holiday. Yes, that is how it all starts. "Just of a holiday" and then you stay, and stay, and stay... And after a few months, it feels like home.

Here is an article that explains, what Crete does to you. IF you do NOT Want to be transformed or enchanted, do NOT,  absolutely not click and go read other travel blogs.

How Crete transforms you

A new book about my journey and my life in Crete will be released very soon! I´ll keep you posted as soon as it is available!

Book release "Learning foreign languages is easy"

Dear reader

Those of you who have been with me for a while might remember that I have advertised my book release a while ago. If you are not amongst them: here is the deal:

I have finally published my book about how to learn foreign languages. 

It is a set of techniques which I am using for myself. In my ebook I am giving away all my techniques alongside with useful tips and tricks on how to proceed when learning a new language.

With this book I am hoping to really give you some useful advice. It is now available on Amazon here:

It is sometimes on promotion for free, but you can always read it for free if you have Kindle Unlimited

Yours sincerely,

Tanja Wanderlust

1001 lifts by hitchhiking?

Hello my dear friends

I was wondering if I have ever reached the 1001 lifts on my travels. I started off by counting the lifts I got on my travel journeys. Today, I don´t remember how many lifts I had ever gotten in my life. Surely, I havent broken the record, too many others have. But was a good experience.

Thinking back about my many trips, I was remembering some situations and realising:

  • Every lift you get is unique, just like every person you meet.

  • And so are their stories.

  • Their backgrounds.

  • The lifes they lead.

  • Every face you see is different.

  • Some of them will be remembered forever, some not.

Your story will always remain your unique true and ONLY one though.

The single best thing we can do for our health and well being!

Today, when I sat in the waiting room of my physiotherapist, I opened one of these health magazines.. Well, usually I know what they are writing about.. they will write some travel stories, health tips and recipes “stay slim over x-mas and new years, but still indulge”. Stuff like that. 

You surely understand my sarcasm about people reading these things and understanding that magasines write the same stuff all the time.. Anyway. I found an article about new years resolutions and why they never work. I personaly NEVER take new years resolutions.. because, I know they dont work. There are other measures if you want to change behaviour, it doesent coincide the date...

Anyway, I had a look at the article which in generally speaking said that:

Over 50% of the people wish to achieve the following things next year.
  • less stress
  • more time for loved ones
  • lose weight

I couldn`t finish the article unfortunately as my physiotherapist called me for going inside her office. But, I kept thinking about it. Thinking about how I could make a business helping them. How can we help these people? There is obviously a big demand for more time, relaxing and avoiding stress. But people dont know how to manage. And I cannot make a day include 30 hours.. 

I told my physiotherapist about this. She replied that if people worked less, they would achieve all the 3 in one go. They just want to earn too much money, if they could accept to earn less , the could have such a full life. And she is so right!!! Here is her link if you want to book her

So, my friends : Imagine this scenario: 

 You will work less hours and earn less money. 

What would that bring? By doing so, you will have more time to:
  1. workout
  2. go for long walks in the forest
  3. play with your kids, pets, etc
  4. See your friends more often
  5. Have more time to cook healthy food

→ Doesent that seem like a good life to lead?

You would be more relaxed, eat better and be fitter. According to our friend here, Doctor Mike Evans Watch the awesome video!
the most, I repeat MOST important, single best thing to do for your health is: exercise!!! Yep, I know. Nothing new.. 

Think about it and make it happen. I´m going for a walk now, the second today. It won´t cost me anything but I will benefit from it. And then I will indulge in my selfmade – still warm – breadrolls. Mmmmmmmmmhhhh

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I am different, so are you?

I am writing this post for all of you out there who .... you will know if this text is for you or not..
and,  yes you will hate me for writing it. Enjoy, im curious to see the comments and reactioins...

You cannot get rid of hunger by eating money, can you? Neither by drinking gas... and what will you do once the ATM doesent spit out money anymore for you??? You will be LOST. Oh my god..

The other day,  some dude on the street with good clothes asked us for help. in fact was Saturday night and we were on the way to a party.

He said "they stole my harddisk and now i need to get to Berne. (10pm at night)  I got a train ticket, oh... no,... actually i dont have a ticket... can you pay me a ticket?"  

I replied.: Hitchhike! He thought i would fool him. I told him "i hitched all the way to the russian border from here once and across europe" ... he felt even more fooled and got we drove off.... Poor guy. cannot organise his life witout money and his computer.

I am very sorry for all of you, who are unable to live without money, who are incapable of leaving your "custom thought pattern"governed by dollars. Governed by your worldview considering them as god-given. It is not. You only grew into it. You grew into that system and because you don´t know anything else, its very normal that you belive that nothing else exists.

What?? You dnt get it? If you dont get the message: go and do some shopping to get rid of these crazy thoughts that I am posting here. It´s better for you.

Have fun and bye!!!

Being a student.. is... ?

Hello my freinds

Since I am an official student again now, I wanted to write something about my daily feeling as a student.


- enjoy to do my groceries on a weekday at 11am or 2pm. Ahhh not many people around, loads of space, and no long queues..No elderly blocking the way (because they already done the shopping at 8am or will do them at 5pm when everybody else does or they are at home eating lunch)

- love to plan my day on my own. I can decide myself if I want to sit in the lecture or if i want to read, write or work during that time. The only thing that matters is : i HAVE to study. at some point.

- never have to deal with an anrgy boss: because I AM MY OWN BOSS. haaaaa haaaaa!

- do work harder than somebody who has a 9-5 job, because: i work 7 days a week.. yep. Consider I am writing this at 1am, after a 7 hours shift at my "second" imagine a life with 2 full days off AND all evenings off.. What a life!

- have to read a book per week to follow one single seminar. One seminar.. That is nothing, consider the rest of the tasks / assignments.. Oh sorry, did you think we are just doing nothing as students? Then you are obviously wrong here.. but I dont mind you continuing reading. Find out what we do all day long..

"oh dude, its not just sitting around in the grass talking and getting drunk at student parties  " no. Yaun..

- I have to use the bike to travel from A to B. I use it to lessen my transport costs. I am actually only paying half of what I would pay if I took the bus from outside the house.. But Im so ambitioned, that I`d rather bike all the way.. its not possible sometimes because I wouln`t have enough time to get from lecture A in building F to lecture B in building G in a completely different part of town.

- often hear people say "i have no money" but they actually have 50000 in the bank.. Oh no, you are right, it´s nothing..

-got assignements to do: write papers, hold speaches, read books, write tests.. oh dear. Only 5 weeks left and so much work left. But the term only just becgun 2 months ago?  At the same time i am somewhat happy that it will be over soon, 3.5 months of time for writing, reading books I wanted to read during the term and coudlnt manage,..summer time....

Wanna know more?

Article on Hubpages about the cons and the one and only positive thing! Must read!

Yoga is the key to finding your middle

Whatever instrument you are using, they are necessary to relax form daily stress. We are all running and stressing around often enough forgetting that we do need some time for ourselfs as well. It is a shame and i can truly recommend taking some time off every day for yourself and only yourself. No matter what you use, a run - the gym - getting a massage... do take that little extra 30mins a day to free your head and to look after yourself.

I've been doing these excersises several times now. They really give you the kick when you need some energy.

Yoga helps me to relax and leave all my daily sorrows away for a while. It helps me really to clear my head completely. If you can think of nothing else than only the pose you are doing right now, in the very moment you are doing it, then you have sucseeded! And the best thing: afterwards I am much more motivated and energized! Try it out!I would like you to participate in my joy:

1. Tara Stiles
The poses are very easy to learn and I like the way she is explaining what you need to do. It does go a little fast sometimes though. In that case you might need to pause the video.

2. Bealive Studio
I started with these poses first. After I had done them for the first tiime, I felt my energy level explode immediately. I couldn' t believe it myself.  But they helped me alot. Notice thatthe poses are similar to video number 1. Unforuntately, nobody is talking in the video, so you dont know if you are doing the poses correctly.

Note: these videos are for free, you only pay with your time. :) Enjoy! 

Use Hubpages!

Hello my friends

I joined Hubpages recently. Found that was really awesome. There, I can publish more articles easily and they are read by many more people. It is an easy platform for every writer and writer-to-be who wants to try something new.

Why should you try hubpages?
-> Because: you will get direct feedback immediately. That is the cool thing about it! You will get points on your articles and a score/rank of your profile compared to other "hubbers".
Additionally, hubpages is a huuuuuge source of quality articles. I found so many interesting articles there. Its worth browsing through really! Have fun!

My recent hot article about Couchsurfing: