I want to break free, i want to break free -20MAY

Counting the days until my fabulous journey will start

Derrik Jensens book "The culture of make beleive" gives me lots of valuable input.. Also many new thouthts. I recently talked to my friend about the perversity of our culture, to live in expensive appartements, just because they are 15 min closer to the station or further away form much less wealthier ppl. And to buy strawberries from Spain, or other fruit that has been flown in from SouthAmerica just because we cant wait any longer.. We support the continuation of the destruction of this planet, which is done on purpuse, just because some customers want to pay less for their "ah so beautiful" flowers, so we agree to put pesticides into the air every day.

Also what makes me insane is the constant glorification of materialism and faviritism of people with unimportant traits here in this city. For instance, money as such is not only a must, but sombody with more money and nicer clothes will be treated much better in everyday life: For instance in the shops (I know i am saying "in the shops" and not "in some shops"). Somebody in a suit and with nicer hair will be served much quicker and in a frendlier way than me when i got and buy something at MERKUR Hauptbahnhof. Well, it could be any shop. The shocking reality: somebody who is begging in a suit and tells people that he just lost his job will make more money than a real homeless begger in filthy clothes.

Moreover, somebody who looks good but probably is a complete prick will be favorised too. It will be much easier for him/her to find a partner, to find friends and a good job with adequate payment than your ugly, fat neighbour whom you don't want to meet in the gangway but who could be great for the job but still wouldn't get a change due to the form of appearance. But Zurichs inhabitants somehow seem to hold fast to these TOTALLY nonrelevant traits. Buy more, consume more, get nicer cars, houses, rings, braclets, suits, dogs, breasts, hair color........

Your beauty will not help you if you are out there in the forrest, trying to build a shelter, or trying to find food. Neither will your money be of much use, if you cannot trade with anybody anymore.

Considering these and many more facts and pondering about our civilisation gone mad, I think of various ways on how not to pollute the earth at all, or at least to a minimum extend only and to not to be blinded by these meaningless and pointless and superficiality.

But then i realise that its impossible, if we continue to live in this modernised world with cars, plastics, conveniently packaged goods we buy in the supermarket every day. I sometimes doubt that i alone can change anything about it. It needs much more, a global break-down before we start to see clearly. I know for sure, i want to stop supporting this madness!

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