Warm up and good-bye

My room on the day when i left

I had to get to my hometown to deal with something which really was not included in my time calculation. Anyway i made it to Bern where i said goodbye to a good friend of mine.

Spending the last night at my parents place was quite strange, the last times i was doing this, it felt differently, but now, i only had very few things that i left there and was fully aware of the fact that i would not come back so early.

The net day, early afternoon i had to leave already. My father insisted on giving me a lift to the motorway which was about 15 min away and from there i hitched back to Zurich. In two cars. It was quite funny, the second lift i got, was at a quite shitty place actually, somewhere in Bern but after about 30min somebody stopped who was going to Zurich. Achmet, a turkish guy who lived in Switzerland for 16 years gave me a lift to Zurich. He even invited me for a coffee at the gas station on the way. We figred out that we ad the same dreams: living at the beach somehwere in a warm country. Well, I wished him all the luck!

Total number of lifts: 3
Total of money spend for travelling: 5.10 (train from Bern to Düdingen)

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  1. Mit den besten wünschen für deine Reise! Unglaublich, wie du deine Reise geplant hast und jetzt durchziehst. Ich finde das beindruckend!
    Take care, Thomas


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