The adventures continue - where the hell is Karlstad?

After two great and relxaing days in Älmhult i hit the road again. It only took me a mere 20 minutes wait to get a lift to the motorway. There i asked around at the gas station but none of these reserved Swedes would give me a ride. They even told me they were going into that direction but they would not pick up hitchhikers. Finally i found a polish truck who took me a all the way to Örebro, he was driving Poland - Falun in Sweden every 2 weeks. As far as i could gather that from what he said. He didnt understand much english nor swedish or any other language i knew. Only polish... 4 hours of silence later i got stranded in Örebro. It took me a while to get into town first as the truck driver dropped me off at some gas station way south of Orebro. I would have had to turn left, but all the traffic was either heading north or to Gothenburg. People didn´t even know where Karlstad is. After some more sensles standing next to the entry of the motorway, closer to town, i gave up and took the train. At least i could relax a little, but i found out that the train costs here in Sweden had apparently risen since i was here the last times. Everything was getting more expensive... I also read an article about the inflation in Sweden.

Total number of lifts: 3
Money spend on transport: 191,00 SEK (33 Swiss Francs)

Karlstad - THE bike adventure!
Big were my plans for these 3 days stay but small the outcomes. My host Magnus met me at the trains station and took me to his home. There he proposed to go out for dinner: Canoeing and having a pick-nick there. Wow, fun times paddeling and we even saw a few beavers. Magnus told me i was doing well, which means alot if swdish people say that. Normally they would just express that as "not too bad". I don´t know what it its, but their vocabulary of expressing something in a positive way ends there...

There were 3 "community" bikes to borrow where my host lived. On one the key was missing (of course it was the best bike) which narrowed it down to 2 bikes only. On the first day, i crashed with antoher girl who was biking on the pavement. (i know Gabriele is going to tell me off now) On the second day, with the other bike, i almost hit a pedestrian. That bike tourned out to be even worse. The chain fell off and i suddenly could not brake anymore. Even if the chain was put back on there i could not brake anymore... and not even tread. So i pushed the bike home. On the third day... theres no other bike left i was doomed to walk around. Too bad as Karlstad really seemed like a very green area.

In the evening my host would entertain me. We went to visit a friend of him on the 2nd evening. He lived out of town with his wife. They wanted to watch the soccer game.. good i found a new friend - the wife - who acompanied me on a long walk through the forrest where we picked wild strawberries. Nice! And we still got to see the 2 goals sweden made in the match, altough we only saw 15 mins of it. Whats the big deal about it, u just got to sit there when the goals happen, thats all. The rest of the game is really boring, believe me..

On the last evenng i organised a BBQ / pick-nick thing through Couchsurfing starting in the late afternoon. It was great to meet new people from the area and to get the people form the area get together. They came up with some good ideas for future meetings. A hat dinner party!! After some playing kubb, freesbee and Boomerang, people made their way home.. Arrived home at 9pm already, Magnus and i decided that going to sleep now was too unhealthy and we didnt want to put ourselfs into that risk. So we started to play Yatzy and drink Rum. After 2 rounds of winning i started to loose (why on earth ??????) The evening ended with us watching youtube "mana mana" song and more silly ones.

(thats what alcohol leads you to! keep your hands off!)

Karlstad was great too, so far i liked all the places i`ve been to, i think its because i am being hosted by locals.

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