Copenhagen - the party never ends

Its been a dreadful day, im tired, sunburned, thirsty when i get the the ferry terminal. Ahhh,,,, the cool and salty air, feels like coming home. I have been missing the sea sooooo much. Finally i managed to got hold of somebody on the ferry, 2 danish lads whom i immediately encouraged to speak danish, after all i did learn some at uni... They drove to Copenhagen directly and i was so relieved, i would be able to get to Copenhagen on time and catch up all my time. Of course i bribed them with my swiss chocolate directly.. so they could not escape anymore with some excuses...

I got to my new hosts place around 7pm. Helle lives in a student residence. Thats a really funny thing in Denmark. All the students live in thise huge houses with several floors and in big "corridors" each one has a single room but they share a spacious community kitchen/bathrooms. I had already been a guest in these and also this time it turned out greatly. You meet so many other locals and get to speak the local language right away, so i quickly realised that i cant really talk Danish. ;( I tried but i would not understand very much. So many positive things about living in a "Studentgaarden": The residence even has a shop where they sell candy, food and drinks. Sometimes they call up in the kitchen to advertise because they don´t have any customers. Not to mention that there is even a 24/7 bottleshop as well, maintained by some lad in the 4th floor (thats eliberately chose, i think) who had to stop eating just because the 3 girls wanted to get some red wine.

The next few days:
I had already been to Copenhagen many times before so i had absolutely no objections to see the tourist sights again. I rented a bike and biked around every day, collecting some cans and meeting up with some new friends in the evenings. the best thing about it was that i would not spend any money as i had to pay a huge deposit for the bike when i got it. So all my cash was in the bike - shop during my stay in Copenhagen. So whenever i wanted to spend something i had to collect bottles and cans. That tourned out to be very easy as due to the warm weather, people would stand and sit outside all night and block several streets and squares. I didnt find it that hot, but apparetly danish people did.. U cant imagine how many people there were, the streets were no more visible, from far away i would only see thousands of heads, like an ant-hill. But good for me so recycling was easy and i had my cash for the next day in 10 mins already. Of course i didnt spend anything on beers in a bar and thanks to Kieren, my new friend who did fire shows entertainment was at its best. He even inspired me to start with playing POI too.

If only they didn´t speak danish in Denmark, i would love to stay there!

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