Easy lifts in Germany??

From Göttingen i got an easy lift directly to Hamburg. I stood right in the middle of the centre, thinking, "ahh ill try, maybe someone will give me a lift to the outskirts, where the motorway starts" cause i didnt want to spend money on the bus.. Someody stopped there and said he was driving to Hamburg. So i got to Hamburg very easily, but the driver unfortunately asked me some money, claiming he is a "Harz- 4" receiver, and he lived on 300 EUR a month. I was ok to pay a little bit, but its definitely not the way you fool a hitchiker. At least i got to Hamurg easily and quickly.

In Hamburg i visited a friend Anja, whom i had hosted before via Hospitalityclub. It was a spontanious desision and had tourned out to be good to meet her again. We hung out in the evening at the river. Strangely everything there is full of concrete, i mean the river border. I didnt like it at all.

The next morning, i got up early to head to Copenhagen. Was i going to make it that easily? I thought to myself, while making my way to the liftershalt (http://www.liftershalte.info) Hasselbrook. I got a lift easily standing in the middle of a roundabout! Yes, its true, i followed the directions of the liftershalt and after only 5 mins somebody stopped who took me to the next gas station. That tourned out to be a complete failure. I walked around and asked everybody who took a break that this "Rasthof" which was far too small and therefore almost nobody was there. A friendly truck driver offered to give me a lift, unfortunately he drove into the wrong direction (we had thought that there is another gas station before the motorway turns right), be he was great companionship. Anyway, you wont beleive me how i got out from there. We found a car park a little later, where i would have had to climb over a high fence to be able to cross the motorway as there was a bridge very close. I didnt want to do so, then we continued driving and when we passed that bridte, i saw that there were stairs going up there. I shouted "there are stair" and the truck driver stopped immediately. That could have given him a huge fine, but he didnt care. I got out and climbed the stairs. Easy-peasy! The door of the fence was even open. I crossed and got to the carpark on the other side. The sun was burning, 30 degrees and i was tired and thirsty. I asked everybody and only one person agreed to drive me to the next exit to Luebeck and dropped me down at a MC Donalds where i walked up to somebody who told me where i could try to hitch. SO, i took the bus into town from there and tried to find another spot to hitch out of town north. But that was another 2 hours time-consuming excersise... finally, i gave up and took the train to the ferry, Puttgarden where i found a lift with some danish guys who drove into Copenhagen. Yepii! But it was quite difficult on the ferry. After about 30 mins i found them, and the ferry only takes about 45 mins..! You experience alot of time pressure there.
Ok, more about hitchink at impossible places later..

Sorry, no pics at the moment, but soon, soon hopefully

Total number of lifts to Copenhagen from Göttingen: 5

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  1. Sweet sweet story. Yeah hitching can be pain sometimes. Makes up for good stories though. As long as you keep on smiling. :)

    Looking forward for more adventurous posts. Have fun in Copenhagen!!


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