I am innocent, believe me!

Help! My Stockholm host made me like "guitar heroes" I could not do anything against it, im sorry... tomorrow i´ll leave the place and then its all forgotten... so i need to find an excuse on why not to play tonight AGAIN. But we actually made a good team, we got much further than she ever got before.

Actually i made a detour via Stockholm only because of a Meeting (Couchsurfing Ambassador meeting) to get to know the nordic members and to participate in some partying here. I was quite disappointed. On friday, most people left from the weekly meeting at 8pm. We left at 10pm because it was getting too cold and most people had left anyway. On Saturday, i expected a really big party: BBQ for dinner and then going out. You fool! At 10pm most people went home altough it was even inside. At 12.30 the person hosting the BBQ came up and said that the party was over. Beause it had been so boring before, I tried to heat up the atmosphere a little together with Birgit, a girl from Austria. She had brought all the cheap alcohol from Austria and nobody wanted to drink it, as inSweden apparently everyone brings his own alcohol... And they keep strictly to the portion they brought themselfs.... Yes... its true. So we gave everyone drink vodka shots... until the bottle was empty. This did of course not prevent me from getting really pissed. And it came all suddenly...

(i don´t say anything, i don´t see anything, i don´t hear anything)

Hitchhiking from Karlstad to Stockholm was very unspectacular. I only needed one lift to get to the first gas station on the highway and then somebody picked me up who drove all the way to Stokholm. As my host lives in Södertälje, he even drove a different way for me and drpped me off at my destination. Sometimes its unbeleivable how friendly people are.

Ok folks, thats all for now, it took me quite some time to update this and it might take quite some time until i can update it again.

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