My bag is too heavy

I need to get rid of some stuff.. thats for sure, but what? Ahhhrgggg! I already did in Copenhagen but still its 17kgs when i last weighted it. How i know? I got to stay with somebody who had a scales. in Älmhult. Its a little town in southern Sweden. Its not just any town, its where Ingvar Kamprad build up his very first IKEA and started a busines. We boycotted it by climbing the IKEA roof at night where we had a great view of the entire village.

Also went dumpster diving for the first time of my life with my host. I have only spent 40 SEK (about 6 Swiss Franks) there during 2 days and since i had hitchhiked there, the first money i spent was in the next town. I really enjozed staying in Älmhult: out in the country site, breathing fresh air, biking around, swimming in the lake and cooking for the entire family. My host Jonathan (im his first guest) still lives with his mother, stepfather and sister in a typical red swedish house. Ahhhww! The whole family accepted me as a guest they even took me to their stables outside in the forrest and showed me their Iceland horses. Also the dog, who is known to be very shy, accepted me as a pal. Not to forget the cats... I wish i can find more of such towns along the road.

Ahh yes the hitchhiking part:
I started in Copenhagen. Its been bloody hot and i´ve been standing next to the road for about an hour. Not to mention the 30 mins walk from the train station to the spot, in the burning sun. First car that stop would only go to Malmö. I knew it! I´ll be fucked again! Most cars that passed were swedish, but they didnt stop. The guy who picked me up -originally from Lebanon but who had been living in Denmark for quite some time- wanted to drop me off on the motorway itself, which i refused. So i got dropped off somewhe completely out of the way. The traffic is directed in an inner and an outher ring = motorway. I got stranded at the inner ring. I stood at the exit of a huge commercial centre and thousands of cars would come past me. Most laughing their head off and honking. I dont understand why they didnt stop to tell me that i was standing in a completely wrong place. Finally, somebody stopped and said he would take me to Helsinborg later, he just needed to get something in a shop nearby, I should wait for him. I can still hear him saying "100%" sure.... of course he never returned. about 2 hours later, a swedish guy had mercy for me and picked me up, dropped me at the outher ring at a gas station, so i could continue easily from there. It only took me 10 minutes until i found somebody that would drive to Växjö, which is very close to Älmhult. A real swede. Very reserved first, but gradually defrosting: he started to talk and even chose the slower way to Växjö that would get past Älmhult. In the end he even quickly drove me around Älmhult to tell me where all the sights are and what i am supposed to look at... funny ;)

Total number of lifts form Copenhagen to Älmhult: 3
Money spend on transport: 0

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