More adventures to come... getting to Finland

Starting from Oland, i cought a ride with the neighbour which happened to drive into town just in the moment when i was passing by with my backpack. She was about to get into the car and i asked her if she could give me a ride. Not only that, she even drove me to the gas station out there next to the motorway. Good, no need to worry about getting to the highway! So, I already got there at 8.30am so there was not much traffic at the gas station i had to learn. So I walked over to the other side of the motorway and put myself at the entrance of the northern route, which actually was right between 2 roads... a little dangerous, but a very good spot, i thought. The sun was burning at 8.30am already. Why now, and during the last days i had been freezing?? The world is sometimes unfair.. but at least i had a sunbath the day before down by the sea with my dear friend Solveig. After about 40 minutes which had been the longest wait so far on my entire trip, 2 women stopped and took me all the way to Stockholm. I was really lucky and they were so friendly and dropped me in a suburb of Stockholm at the trainstation. Because the bus drivers in Stockholm had been on strike these days, even the train ride was for free. I made it to Stockholm without a single penny. Ha haaaa!

On the ferry from Stockholm to Finland, which took 12 hours, i had time to reflect about my journey and to write a little bit. And i really looooved to be there for 12 hours not needing to talk to ANYBODY! I looked through my expensed which had not exceeded the my budget altough i had been travelling through very expensive countries. I was quite proud and felt really good. Of course theres always unforeseen stuff that can happen and still i would be off very well as now i was starting to get into the less wealthy countries. Lets face it, i thought by myself, i could go on like this for 2 years if i really wanted to. But that would be crazy, i would be broke afterwards and that was not my intention.

on the ferry, childhood reminicines, the candy

I arrived in Turku in the evening, Finland. It had been a was a very hot day, 30 degrees and the sun was still burning. Getting further north again also meant more day and night light. Its something cool but you need to get used to it. Sleeping becomes more rare because the sun does not set untill midnight and rises again at about 3am. its something that i still have to get used to. It also means that in the evenings for example at 8pm, the sun is still high up the sky.

My host met me at the bus stop and we spent a great evening together with the typical cider, an alcoholic drink. Thats a very famous drink in the northern countries. We spent all week-end together and had lots of fun. I discovered an alternative artist/student bar in Turku with old fashioned tables and chairs, one even a I discovered Turku with only little money, we sat in the park drinking, which was illegal, but everybody would do.

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  1. Heee hast es schliesslich doch noch nach Turku geschafft :-)) Leider leider war ich da schon weg. Wie hats dir gefallen? und wer hat dich gehostet?


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