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dont be afraid to be different

Woooow! This place is whonderful.

The last days in Russia had been horrible, i felt some illness coming up and just wanted to leave. Many times i had been close to tears because i was fed up with what heppened there, with the fact that nobody talked english or nobody even wanted to help and make an effort. Why should they, they will get their paycheck anyway, no matter if they help me or not.
I breathe a sigh of relief when we finally cossed the border and are in to Estonia.

My frist stop in the Baltics is Lithuania, where i visit my friend Romas. Here are some first impressions abut Lithuania. Vilnius, the capital has many international influences and is claimed to be the middle of Europe.... if you count Russia to Europe: yes.

The lithuanian flag


modern buildings, wow!

I love this funny language:

Visiting the Sovjet Park:

blueberries, freshly picked by a babuschka! hmmmm!

The sovjet playground, its still like this in Russia now.I've seen many colorful playgrounds!

They took the finger off, so nobody could hang more rotten food on there... it happened in Lithuania before the curtain fell. I don't remember, but the granny was deported to Siberia like so many other Lithuanians. Also the grandma of my host! She now lives in Lithuania, the children brought her back

Hi Lenin!

Sovjet times water distributor

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