Another day in paradise

After 2 weeks in the canaries i have found some kind of "stable situation". I found a long term host in Lanzarote and friends.

After arriving to Fuerteventura, i had to find out that most people i had contacted didnt answer me or they are actually starting to answer me now (after a couple of weeks??? WTF??) I spend 3 days in Fuerteventura, Corralejo first. I kind of liked this place. Its full of surfers and therefore all these nice surf shops and stuff in the so called "main street" which is really small. The island is full of young people, as its more for surfing and active holidays than enything else.

I hitchhiked from the Airport to Corralejo, maybe a mere 40 kilometers away. As the touristic places are in the opposite direction, it was not easy to find a person who drove north. I finally found a nice lettish woman who was just about to arrive here too for living. She took me to Corralejo. There i stayed with my friends Tibor and Thomas, whom i knew already from last year. It was great to meet them again and we had some good chats. Due to the lack of hosts i then had to leave the island to Lanzarote, the neighburing island. Thomas arranged me a cheap way to get there, omiting to pay ridiculous amounts for the normal ferry... sure i was very happy to get on this catamaran for such a great price....
It turned out to be a nightmare. The sea was rough and me and some other poor tourists (i am not the tourist,,, i am the traveller, the others are tourists ha ha haa) happened to get seated at the back of the catamaran and throwing up into the smelly black rubbishbags they called "sickness bags" Maybe because they make you even sicker.. So after about 90 mins we are finally out of there, arriving in Puerto del Carmen on Lanzarote. The german guy, with whom the deal was made made sure he took my money (deutsche Gruendlichkeit!) and i left. No sign of pity from his part. But form the other crewmembers:yes. They tried to cheer me up and gave me cola as i needed to lie there at the harbour for another 2,5 hours until i finally was feeling well enouth to walk off with my backpack.

I had arranged to stay over with Jenni, a german (another german) woman who lives in Puerto del Carmen. she already gave me the adress but we had arranged that i would call her when i arrive. This woman, i still beleive she is a shadow here, could not be reached. I rang multible times, sent text messages but nothing happened, the phone was switched off.. I made it to her house after 3 awful hours walking in the sun, with the heavy packpack. Important to say, that the esplanade leads along the beach but is currently being rebuilt, so there were no busses coming.... i had no otehr choice than to walk. Arriving at her house i found out that nobody opened the door. There must have been something wrong with this shade...Luckily i had arranded another stsay for later before and already talked to that host Ryan. He picked me up 5 mins later. I have stayed with him for more than a week now, he is really cool and i like te place. The woman, in contrast, remains to be a shade.... she has called me once telling me what happened (something severe i dount want to share here for pricacy reasons) but only after a couple of days told me that the problem was solved. Still, no answer to my text messages... She remains to be a shadow,,,

... to be continued

Now let me tell you more about this paradise. Its full of tourists, tourist shops and a mere number of locals (they still exist here). Sure, its not the best place to meet locals, and the environment is artificial, but i am still quite happy to be here, not in a small countrysite town as there is lots to do here and everything is awailable. Supermarkets and shops, beach you will all think. I knew it. You want to know about the beaches for sure and you all beleive that i am lying on the beach every day..? Sorry, i have to disappoint you. I have only been to the beach twice, in the water once only... (because i had to pee... dont tell anybody please, we know only tourists do that) Its quite windy here, and lately its been a bit clowdy, even rainy and cold.. I hope it will get better this week and i can really enjoy the beach. I also tried to find a job, but no luck so far, there is little work, the canarios are in a very bad economical situation themselfs, they lose their jobs and many of them are poor. Prices for me are quite ok though. And even hitchhiking works... i will tell you later.. the battery of the laptop is almost empty, but there is enough time to tell you how i got into internet for free today

my host borrowed me my laptop and i walked along half of the esplanade to find a spot where i could finally get a connection. It took 2 hours but as we all know i got looooooads of free time.

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