Golden October in Zurich

I came back to Switzerland to undergo a painful but also relieving back-therapy. We finally managed to get rid of the symptoms after the 8th session but i very much enjoyed the treatment..

The leaves hat already gotten yellow when i arrived to Zurich in the beginning of October. I got dropped down close to my host and friends place. I started with - you can probably imagine - dodging the fare. Good old Switzerland, too expensive for a poor traveler like me! But now i know how to deal with you!! Ha ha haaaa!

Ahhh, it felt somehow strange to be in this city again. It took me a couple of days to get accustomed to the fact that i was now in Zurich. The change form Munich to Zurich had happened all too fast. After a couple of days though i started meeting all my good friends here and started to enjoy it. Already in the first week i met so many of my friends here in Zurich that it simply flew by at once. The first week-end was awesome and afterwards i also spent some time with my family up in the mountains. They later became snowed in one evening in the end of October, when i as riding my dads car through the 25cm of new snow. That night got me some more experience driving in snow since i hadn' t done that for ages. I never owned a car.. only in Australia but there is no Snow there :) Time was flying and all of a sudden i realise its NOV 8th, time to pack and go.

Thank you Zurich: It was such a pleasure to see all my friends again and to relax a little bit after the long and strenuous journey! I had ever experienced such a nice community and so many great people in one place that it had wanted me to stay longer.

One thing i realised after some time is that its actually getting boring here. Everything is in order, everything works out well. I can say precisely what time i will arrive somewhere if i check the timetable (WTF is that?? now talking about timetables after the odyssey in Russia) and i can get whatever i like from the supermarket. And even getting it only takes 10 minutes. Ill be right back, no phone calls, no traffic jams, no endless waiting involved, no unforseen things happening... It is getting boring and one thing i could not adapt anymore was that my stomach has been rebelling against the western food ever since i left that bloody plane RIGA-BERLIN in September.

Ahh well.. My flight is leaving soon and heart-broken i am leaving this city. It will always be my favourite place. See you soon again!

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