How to find a new job and a husband in 2 hours

New day and new adventure...!!

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Hitching is not always fun, especially if you really have to do it because you have no money and in minus 6 degrees and on sunday morning. This time something really amazing happened to me though...I expect many strange things to happen while hitchhiking, but not that......

I hitchhiked from Zurich to St.Gallen on that shitty, grey and f**ing freezing sunday noon. Half past 11 and i was standing (oh now i can update the link on the hitchwiki ) next to the road that leads to the highway. Asotnishingly much traffic but the place wasnt the best to stand so i spend like half an hour there until somebody gave me a lift to the next city. From there i found another lift to like halfway to St. Gallen. The italian man and me talked a lot and had a fun time while driving. He was pretty amazed by my travels (nothing new most people are...) I told him now i had no money for the train and so needed to find another job and work first. He offered me a job right away in his company! How cool is that??? So before you, Mila, the new secretary of this friendly italian mans company!

To top all that, the next one to pick me up for the last bit of travel was a guy who is married to a russian woman. Of course i was going to tell him all my (travel-) experiences i had in Russia and that i liked it. Now, everybody who knows me, is aware that i always tell that joke that i am looking for some rich russian man to marry who can pay my studies and living in Australia for he next 5 years. I told him that i had been looking for a guy in russia but since they are all so materialistic, none was interested in me. So he goes: you want to marry a russian man? I know somebody! It turns out that his wifes brother, age 19 (beleive it or not) would like to come to Switzerland and marry a swiss woman... Because of the lack of money, i had to decline, even me can be materialistic for a change... especially with the russians... LOL We still had a nice chat and i gave him my card, and he will surely read all this here. Thank you Markus, it was nice meeting you! Leave your email address in a comment here and the 19 year old guys annual income ;) ha ha just kidding, dont feel offended..

So, i actually had lots of fun hitching that day and this story will most likely serve as little entertainment- story for hosts when i travel.

Total number of lifts: 3
Total number of new jobs: 1
Total number of new (potential) husbands: 1
Amount of fun: countless

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