Edinburgh and Killin' all!!!

So, im supposed to tell you more about my recent adventures. Hm... only a short trip but very relaxing.... was in Scotland as you can see.. Tried some of the indigenous clothes and it fit me well!

First, of course had a look ad Edinburgh. A lovely city! Here i am playing zany on the sqaure in front of the castle. Nope, no pic of the castle. What for if you can have me??? LOL

Well i had never been to Scotland, but it was always on my list, so it came in quite handy at in march. Totally enjoyed it and it was a great thing to do, escaping boring Zurich for a moment. I must admit it was a real holiday for me. Not like usually, the traveller-thing. No, just relaxing and not thinking about tomorrow for a long time. That was indeed Amazingly relaxing!

We drove to a place called Killin (ha ha, i thought the same...). Whonderful place with nice waterfalls (Falls of Dochart) and smoothly buckled hills... and loooooads of fresh air.. plus some weirdoes... they are to be found everywhere:

Silcene, i kill you in Killin!!!

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