The end of the world.... in Bergün. A small village in the swiss south eastern mountains. My new home. Words cannot express what a whonderful town this is! I think i was really lucky to find this job up here and with every day i love it more.

Mountains, clean and cool air, absolutely breathtaking views, snow-topped mountains and a peaceful, sleepy village. What more can one want? Ok food is not the best, surely, sombody who likes meat and cheese will say its heavenly. For myself, we actually fight for the sallad bowl up here as fruit and veg is scarce for the personell..

Last week, i had 3 days off and headed home immediately. After leaving Bergün, i already started to feel sad, and spending time at home wasn`t really enjoyable, i MISSED BERGÜN!!!! How funny, locals, who gave me a lift told me "Einmal Bergün, immer Bergün!" (Bergün once, Bergün forever)

... to be continued.. with pics soon!

Hitching from the end of the world to my home town on a weekday:
5 lifts, 5.5 hours ---> about the same time than the train and, yes sounds unbeleivable in fact

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  1. Hei du!!! Wie giihts dir? Du büsch iz ächt uf um lan ;-) nüme mit grossstadt? I wünsche der emu a ganz a schöni zit! Grüessli Marlis


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