My "new" old life has started!

Currently enjoying:

-Spending time with people who really care and whom i like
-cooking nice vegan food
-Relaxing a whole day doing nothing and just lying around
-not needing to worry about shift-start
-reading whichever book i want to
-surfing the net
-learning new things
-seeing adventures coming
-doing sports!
-spending time in the nature
-organising all the 24 hours of my day myself
-writing more exciting stuff than only this on my blog
-restarting on counting the lifts i get
-planning my next months travelling - still dont know where ill end up which is the best part of it!
-writing to my friends

The first week-end was brilliant. Hitchhiking!! Very unusually i spent 5 hours to ride 130km. Friday afternoon, lots of traffic (and the bastard are all sitting on their own in the car) and many accidents. I spent some time with my fabulous friends in Zurich. Altough i really enjoyed being in the "big" city again and felt so happy about seeing all the opportunities the city can bring, my brain silently recalled the reasons for having left in may. Hm its the money-hunting and the "showing" off your iPhone and the capitalism smelling badly... We even discussed it on the table on friday night. I probably convinced to more people to take part in CS.

What i appreciate the most about my "new" old life
->> Being surrounded by and socializing with people of similar values.

A great step for me since i stopped pondering about work and the people there. (i spent all summer working in a mountain resort making 12 hour shifts, 9 day-weks, selling meat and surrounded by despicable selfish people that only think about going for an alcoholic drink) I think i havent been thinking about them for the entire day. Thank you god.

Number of lifts from Düdingen to Zürich, central city:
Number of hours spent in traffic:
Number of really interesting people met while hitchin:
2 (i guess that doesent make it too tempting for others. he he the other drivers were ok, but no real good discussion came up)

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