Scottish littering and lifestyle....

Looking at the streets in Glasgow where i was walking around, i learned that they are in terrible condition firstly. Secondly, there was litter everywhere. Admittetly, i was probably a bit too naive to believe that people in most northern and middle european countries would bin their litter and recycle. Moreover, Scots seem to lead a very unhealthy lifestyle. There are bus stops every couple of metres which shows me that they must believe walking very long distances is bad for your bones. The supermarket Tesco shows it all. I mean these people have to be TOLD  that leftovers can be reused and do not have to go to the bin after dinner! At the cash out, i thank and say to the apathic man scanning the products with this dull and empty view focused some 20 yards behind me, "no i DONT have a clubcard" and "no plastic bag please" I feel like in Australia. I was there 10 years ago though! Not many people shop organic and ecological produce over here. Im feeling wierd if i do. The other way around when i do opt for a non-ecological product in Switzerland, i get uncomprehensive looks. Back to me shopping at Tesco: When i ask a worker in the shop about chickpeas and buckwheat they don't really know and advice me to check the "health food lane".... Oh no, the healt food lane!!!! Ahhhhh!! Nobody really knows what is there in the evil health food lane because people probably never returned from there... uhuhhhhuuuu and nobody ever goes there anyway since nobody is interested in healthy food. Thats evil, eeeeeevil... better drop in to McDonalds next door where we can have a meal, including a Cola for 1.99... No whonder they are so fat. Hm... what to think about a nation that needs an iPhone to cook healthy food???

You can not not smile when you jump!!

How to drive in the snow? A practical quideline on how NOT to do it.

I am sorry if my writing style got a bit boring. Maybe its better to take a break.........ha ha! Thinking back there were so many events that are hard to discribe in one single post. What left a lasting impression in me was that the wintery circumstations in Scotland seemed to be something very unusual for the population. People were surprised by the snowfall and the cold. Our heating bashed once and we were forced to sit in the cold all day waiting for the service technician. Be prepared for that in Scotlands winter!
Another thing that striked me was that there were not many snow plows. Snow: much - snow plows: zero. Usually the street will get cleared the next day, possibly, maybe... anyway... 3 weeks after all the snow had come, in january, the people tried to free their walkways infront of their middle-class-high-mortage-houses from the ice. ABout 20cm thik snow is quite hard to get rid of with small shovels. Shovels had been sold out long time ago. Also salt. Even cooking salt and cat litter. Apparently that works well if you ran out of salt or grit. You should have seen them. The entire streets in the living areas were stuffed with snow and the people were trying to clear it all at the same time ond saturday afernoon, after the obligatory shopping in the mall. What a picture. See yourself.

Christmas in Scotland

I came back shortly before christmas. I was excited to experience a diferent christmas for once because up to now, i only had experienced swiss christmas and one single australian when we went to the beach and had a bbq.

It was quite an adventure. My friend took me to his sisters house where we were supposed to celebrate. We had been asked to arrive around 4pm for dinner. Dinner at 4pm?? Ok. Arrived, i was still in the middle of taking off my clothes and shoes, when i got my present. Wow, 2 huge bottles of bath-gel. I dont usually bathe to save water. Ok i just shower, im not a dirty pig! Travelling with handluggage only, i am unable to carry it. But anyway, they didn't know that. We start drinking champagne. Then, in a hurry we start heating. The hosts are in such a hurry that the people at the table start to eat before the hosts were able to sit down. I found that quite rude. We are not here to be served, at least i am not. Then red wine is being poured into all the glasses, there is no way around it. First, we got a plate of vegetable soup that tasted really yummy. Disappointingly, my plate got taken away right after i had swallowed my last drop. I still dont know but i assume that there was no more soup left. Main course starts right away, no time to loose. Rush! Only ahhhhhm 6 more hours left in this day... There is an overwhelming amount of food that is being gorged down the throats. The wine was empty within a couple of minutes. Everybody is gorging down the food and we are opening the christmas crakers. They always contain a surprise and a little joke. Nobody listenes to one another when reading out loud what it says on the cracker.

Finally, here we are, less than one hour after the start of the meal, ready to go to the living-room, watch Coronation street and open a bottle of hard booze. Each of the hosts (mom, dad and sun) had a bottle of their own and it seemed like a competition to me that they all tried to empty the bottle before midnight. Ah christmas cake was squeezed in between somewhere. At 10pm they were completely trashed.

Under the whole evening nobody asked me who i was, where i came from and what things i do in my life.

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