Look at my new fancy cellphone

I recently got myself a new cellphone. One of these fancy touchscreen gadgets that everybody owns nowadays. No, no, please don't think that i changed fronts. and now go with the stream of consuming. I really needed a new phone because my old one had a software failure and sometimes simnply refused to send text messages. Well, if i was my phone i would probably do the same. Ha Ha!

So i got this fancy nice phone with just the right subscription for me: a one year plan, and i only paid 1 CHF for it. And im not daftily waisting money because i am only paying what i am using each month and if i dont, ill use the credit in the next month! So i am pretty happy about my new phone and learning new things every day....

There is only one thing wrong about it: IT NEVER RINGS.

I had always been reluctand to signing up on facebook because i didnt really understand what advantage it could bring me. Just collecting "friends" and knowing who is friends with whom now. Is that all it is for? So i compared it to my XING account. I've got about 150 or even more contacts in there. I think i have never even met about 120 of those. Is facebook going to be like that or like any other social network? 

Is it about showing off? About presenting onself much better than you are in real life? That's so easy in the internet, isn't it? Hm... my phone still doesent ring. Instead, i log on to my other social network where If i've got my 300 or more "friends" - wow, i must be incredibly popular - and still no one of them calls me?

Have we changed our communication habit? Instead of calling somebody, we simply write a text message or simply change our status on facebook..then there is no need to phone anybody anymore because everybody will know how i feel instantly. I am whondering what happened to writing emails? I used emailing alot before facebook. Remember how we wrote:
"Dear NAME...
Thanks for your email. How have you been? Sorry for not writing earlier but... "
 Think about it: a correct title was required and we used our full name in the end. But today? I am going through my emails.... Jet another day deleting gazillions of spam messages and without any meaningful email from a "friend". phffffffff!

Honestly, does your phone ring all the time? Then you must be a really wanted person. Is it only me or have we changed our communication habits? Are we overflown by all the communicating we do all day long, that we stopped actually communicating, i mean really talking to each other? At home i am  simultaniously chatting with 3 people on Skype. I am talking to them at the same time, it has to be quick, because time is money you know! No time to loose because i need to to to the sports training/go for drinks/meetings (use whichever is applicable).Off i go, just let me tell everybody on Twitter that i am off now.

On my way to the fitness centre I put on my ear-phone and sit down in the tram. Zero phone calls today until now. .Who needs people to talk to when you can be online 24/7 and let people participate in every second of your life by Facebook, Twitter.... and all that... ?

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