I love brussel sprouts

My love to brussel sprouts is unbroken. Sadly, supermarket chains don't seem to WANT me to eat it.

Brussel sprouts is a veg that is harvested in winter, so should be available now. Everywhere i went to today.. nope.. No brussel sprouts! I took a look around the vegetables in store and made an amazing discovery... The variety of vegetables in stores is really narrow. They all sell the same ones, the "ordinary" and most common ones: Carrots, broccoli, sallads, tomatoes... there is nothing wrong with those, but as life, vegetables should come in a wide variety. How many vegetables can you name right away without looking into a store? 10? 20?  It seems to me that producers simply want all of us to live off  the monocultured, low in vitamines/mineral, cheap and good-profit-making, high-volume produced, water-wasting, standardised 10-variety vegetables throughout our lives. Next to the meat of course. Because: how can you get your vitamines and minerals off these empty vegetables? Should i buy beans from Morocco and Egypt, where water is scarse and people don't have enough water for themselfs?

Please tell me, dear reader, what to you think?

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  1. Visit a Turkish or Indian shop. They often have a wide variety of vegetables.

  2. Oh thanks Wicher! i will do!


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