Please tell me about the meaning of life...

So what IS life really about?

Is it to cook your favourite food and share it with your friends in laughter?

Is it to comfort your own baby that you love more than your own life after it has been crying?

Is it to smilingly caress your love after an unforgettable night with him/her, lying in the room filled with eachothers smells?

Is it to win a match with your team after a 2 hours of struggle and you were only able to win it because all the players were willing to step back for the team in the right moment?

Is it to finally pass your uni exams after 2 former fails, knowing that it has been the last chance?

Is it to be received with open arms at your long lost friends place?

Is it to get help from somebody you had least expected when you are down and in deep need of help?

I guess as long as we wander this planet we will never find out what the meaning of life is. But for sure we can (and have to) make it have a meaning. It wont get a meaning just by sitting at home and watching TV.

I hope I will find out one day. On my last day, my most mature one and then I will be happy and look back upon my life as a constant growth and I will be filled with loving gratitude for it. For all of it: laughter, pain, success, loss, love, gratitude, certainity, anxiety, hope... I will be ready to give it away, hence keeping all the things in my consciousness only, being ready to leave this whonderful episode for good. So, many good years ahead of me!


  1. Hmmmnnn... When I was younger (therefore wiser), I used to think that the meaning of life is giving meaning to it, but these days I'm obviously not so sure anymore. However, whatever the meaning of life is, I'm positive it involves reaching out for the best feeling place. It's natural, and I'm convinced natural is good.

  2. HI Awen

    Thanks for commenting. Life is what you make of it. And by doing what you do, you are going the right way!

    So you can do anything you wish!



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