Why does everything have to be cheap or free?

It seems that everybody is hunting “free” stuff nowadays. Or everything has to be “cheap”. When somebody uses the word cheap, then I get an odd feeling. Does it mean the person is cheap or this person is not after quality but rather crappy things that can be thrown out again quickly? What does it say about the persons life in general if quality things are not important for her/him or that he/she does not appreciate somebody else's work.

A couple of years back I uses to work in tourism industry. Working in tourism industry hearing “i dont care, just has to be cheap” comments every day made me feel bad. I got the impression that my work was not valued anymore. My work and all other peoples work who are involved offering this service to make it possible to fly around / travel in the world should just be "cheap". Our work was not valued anymore. As you can see, I stopped working in tourism industry.

We all know that flying gets cheaper every day. Well here it is again that word... lets just call it “less expensive”. Low cost airlines and easy hotels popped up. Its tempting to use those and I did the same. So people tend to book low cost products, but with high-rise expectations. What expectation do you have if you book a XY low cost airline flying from A to B? Do you expect to get the transport on that day and exactly that time and that you will be sitting in a comfy seat with a free drink in your hand? Then your expectations are probably too high for that 5 Euros flight you booked online. Anyway, the journeys with this low cost carrier might go well and so far you never had any problems, but there could and most likely will occur challenges. If not to you to anybody else. If not this time, maybe some time in the future. I think its all about the expectations we have.

We all have expectations. Usually they are not adequate to the product or social situation though. Now you probably want me to tell you how to deal with that but I might not be the best person for that. For sure I know that its best to think about your expectations before booking/going into a social situation/doing something new. Then, you need to talk about them too. And when you got disappointed, think of how you are going to change that in future... Well there is different techniques surely, and I dont want to give tips about that. Just be aware of the fact, that expectations come easily and can be wrong. 

Ups this article lead from the cheap topic to the expectations topic. Totally unwanted...

Back to the cheap-as-chips topic. What I am trying to say is that people dont want to spend their money anymore and think that they need to get everything for free. So we are no longer willing to pay for a service. Also, we are looking out for free downloads in the internet too. Why is that? 

If nobody earns anything anymore, how are we possibly going to make a living?

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