Friends in good and bad?

A russian proverb goes: "Better to have one good friend than 100 rubles."

100 rubles used to be alot in the old days. But a friend is still worth much more than any amount of money, dont you think? Friends are the most important in life i would say. I wouldnt want to live a life without friends.

When you are feeling the lowest, you will find out who is really your friend and who isn´t. You might think that this is a bad thing, but the outcome will be most rewarding. You will finally know who are your real friends and who are not.
So if you feel sad, call up all your friends and ask them for help. Then see who is willing to go through bad with you and who lets you hanging. Get rid of the ones who do let you hanging. You don't want to keep putting energy into that kind of friendship if you know they are not willing to support you. What kind of relationship is that anyway if you just keep giving and giving and nothing is coming back? Not a very good one isn't it? You can be sure that these people will only be there when you are happy and have a good life. Just stop putting more effort into the relationship with them.
Instead, focus on the other friends you have. If they are willing to help you out, stick to them and keep the friendship alive. When they come into trouble one day, you will be the one on the high and be able to help them.

So go ahead and find out. The next time a friend is asking you for help, think twice because you are about to loose one.

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