The big city calls - Weekend in Oslo

So here i am, from the country side i got to get to Oslo again for a week-end. I already miss my dogs but i like the city vibe.

Its only 12 degrees outside, half rainy, but it obviously doesent get any warmer than this here, because everybody is dressed in shorts, t-shirts, skirts and even sandals and flip-flops... Me - silly tourist from the south - freezing to death, wearing 10 layers and kind of wanting to put my gloves on. when i sat in the bus in the afternoon, i realised that the aircondidion was on..... aircondition??? What about heating man?

I feel like buying a warm jacket and i wish i had brougth my winter down jacket with me. I was actually thinking about bringing it before i left, but i thought it would be silly to carry it around on the way back..

So, guess i am going to hit the road now to the shops now... before i am going to the "summer" party this afternoon... Going to an outdoor party in 12 degrees would never enter my head in Switzerland or any other country.. Stay tuned for more stories.

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