Bus Operation in the Norwegian Countrysite

So here I am in hitch-priced and modern, secure and organised Norway. It´s a beautiful country indeed but the public transport system is a bit strange.

The other day, I had planned to go to town and would try out to hitch-hike from here (way out in the countryside) at the bus stop. In case nobody would pick me up, I was going to get the bus which was due to pass in one hour.

So I held out my thumb and waited, and waited, and waited. It started to rain and I still waited and waited. The traffic was heavy and guess what? I waited in vain and thought, “hm that bus shold come anytime now..” Finally, a German ex-pat stopped for me and took me to the city. Happy Tanja with very friendly driver got to get to town :)

Just before I was heading back , I re-checked the timetable which I had with me. Ups, no operation on public holidays. How could I miss that? Because I was silly enough to believe that public holidays are automatically Sundays here too! I should have known and that was a beginners mistake to get carried away in assumptions... Shame on me.

But the good thing about it: Norway has happy bus drivers. They too get the public holidays off and the company saves loads of money for Sunday-surcharge working hours.

Hey, wait a minute? But who transports me? Are we all expected to own a car? All of us? So that gets me to the point of thinking, I don´t want to life my life the way others expect me to...

Ok some of us do hitchhiking but others don´t dare to do it. And honestly, if I compare the amount of traffic that passed me (hundreds) to the amount of cars that stopped (1) I dont blame anybody who doesent fancy doing it in Norway.

So no more going out on public holidays unless you own a car!


  1. Good to point this. It is ok with thinking of happy drivers and happy people who don't have to work on sundays.
    But, yes, really it sucks to think that one country which is known to be among the ‘‘green’’ ones encourages people to own a car (if they want to move out), to be selfish and not willing to share (not taking hitchhikers in the rain), and stay at home like a good conformist family, in their nice Ikea-stuffed house...

  2. Thanks Xav... yes i was quite surprised too. And since Norway is so expensive, people still seem to spend money on cars. The other day i read in the paper that around 50% of the Norwegian housholds have more than one car!!

    Well for that story on that day, i learned something and theres always hitchhiking :)


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