Trade your time in return to money

Tonight, I remembered an interesting discussion i had about a year ago about being a proletarian or not. It was like that...

What is a proletarian actually? 
It´s a person who is offering his workforce to make a living. Members of the "working class" are forced to trade their workforce to secure a living. They are investing time and energy for money.

I like this explanation, but my question here is: aren't we all doing that? Proletarians or not? 
I used to work fr an advertisement company placarding the entire city. I  chose to do this "lower" form of work because i like to choose my working hours myself. I was informing people about concerts to visit. I found out that it is not that easy to find advertising space out there. All the good spots are already taken. It is amazing how flooded we are by all this information outside. Ride in the tram/bus/train and consciously take in what you are seeing. There is advertisement wherever you look. Any bus/tram and train stop is included here. And beleive me these spaces cost money, it´s not for free. Everyboy wants a piece of the cake!

Back to me putting up the posters throughout the city. It was really hard for me to find a shop/bar who allows me to put advertisement for free. Look at it this way: I advertised for a company and the shop/bar owner did not get anything in return from me personally, apart from a short talk maybe, which often happend. And i really enjoyed these talks. They were most valuable. 

As i often say "nothin is for free in this world". Some things still are but you will only accidentally stumble upon them.

Total amount of money spent that night: 5 CHF for a drink in the pub.

Note: 1 drink was offered by a nice young fella who didnt take my talking too seriously, 1 drink not offered by another less nice young fella who did take my talking too seriously, but who gave me something immaterial letting me think about this very topic! Now what gave me more for my life: the coke that was finished within 20 mins or the discussion?

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