The Acer adventure

Yes you are reading correctly. I wish to rant about Acer. 

Once upon a time... many many years ago i bought an Acer Laptop. It was great back then but today, its old and doesent function very well anymore. Even after a complete new setup, it just wont do more than simple email tackling. Thats fine, i can still use it for emergency.

So, i bought myself one of these fancy netbooks. Got recommended Acer several times, however i was reluctant to buying another Acer since i was not too happy with that Acer i had back then. I was seriously considerating a MAC, but the many recommendations just took me along on that other path. Thinking well MAC still are too big and too expensive. No MAC netbook available... Ok, even that wouldnt make a real point, but i just hate using Mac. Im no good with MAC.

I took many weeks to think about which product should suit me best, read may reviews about netbooks and Laptops. Finallly, the Netbook won because of my lifestyle. Eventually, Acer won again, because - once again - i got recommendet it inside the very store. The salesman said this Acer would be the most powerful one to buy for me, the rest would just be too slow for what i am using it for. Allright, finally gave in. Acer you won!

I spent 3 fabulous months with my baby Acer. Ohhh the good old days. I miss them. It would work fantastically and i was realy satisfied. Indeed a very fast machine for a netbook. And it never let me down. Until then:

Only 3 months later when i took a week-end trip to Oslo for relaxing and writing - it switched itself off. And off again. And off and off. My mood switched off too as well at the same time.

2 days later, i handed it in for repairs. That is now been 3 weeks. No sign and no phone call from  the company, and just too much to bear. I knew it Acer, you let me down. All the good moments we had together in these 3 months? Gone. Within a glimpse of an eye.

Thats it Acer, im done with you! Next time, definitely will be a MAC. Ha!

But, one good thing came out: i really learned Norwegian!..   and as sarcastic as it sounds, i am writing this article on a MAC right now...

Acer lost, MAC won. Call me in.

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