Backpacking Europe - great fun

They are back. The backpackers and tourists. 

I can see them on every corner of the street carrying their 20kg backpacks around.

They seem to be coming directly from a survival training in the bush. They actually just got off the ICE from Munich..

Their backpacks are not porpperly worn, never been adjusted to their back. It must be some kind of "cool" thing amongst youngsters to do that. Im a looser if i wear it comfortably. Outside of the backpack, there is the sleeping mat and sleepingbag attached. What happens to the sleepingbag and mat in case of rain?

They come in groups of 3 to 6 and are seemingly having a great time. Yeah... Backpacking Europe. Slept in a hostel in Stockholm, Berlin and Amsterdam, saw all of Europe and had a great time cooking Heinz Canned Spaghetti in the hostel.

They might come alone and tell you about their Europe in 4 weeks tour... This time taking it SLOWLY. If you ask them where they had been so far they will answer you: Barcelone, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Amsterdam, Munich... all that in 2 weeks. Seriously!

They will travel by some european rail pass I have never heard of or would ask me details about it. What the hell do I know about trains? Just one thing right now: do not enter in summer because: no aircondition,
danger of death.

They will complain how expensive Switzerland  (insert any other high-priced country in Europe)  is. However they wont say they would go to Germany/Spain/Eastern Europe because they cannot afford. 

They will ask directions to the hostel. Oh I know that one. *Proud*

They will enquire about "what to do in town X" altough the lake is right there. Sun, hot, lake, you are backpacking..... any ideas??? No? Think harder...

They will ask about Interlaken. I don`t know whats so good about Interlaken, do you?

The female backpackers will complain and make a gesture towards their belly saying "thats all the bread we ate, we should have cooked propper meals". I`m quite sure it was the beer though..

They will ask me if its safe to drink the water from the tap, gorging down alcohol and fast food. No dude, its poisonous..

Ahh, Im enjoying to lie in the green grass next to the Katzensee, continue reading my book about the Little Prince. In the evening I`m riding home on my bike, watching the stars and taking a deep breath of the warm summer night.

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