Fancy rotten vegetables from the shop? Come to Norway!

Well, i have been here for quite some time and the first thing i noticed was that vegetable quality is very very low.

Firstly, when I go to grocery shops and look out for the vegetable section, i already get disappointed there. The section is tiny and all you can find is: cabbage, potatoes, maybe broccoli and carrots. If you are looking for something special, it will involve some work.

Secondly, the quality of these vegetables are horrible. You can only buy them half rotten! For instance mushrooms: a rare thing to find some white ones in the first place that look halfway ok. We often buy broccoli here and unless you use it the same day, it will be yellow the very next one.

It seems to me that Norwegians have never heard of "ecological" food. Nothing i see in the stores is ecologically grown.

Saying that, i must admit, i might be a bit spoiled. I am used to the huge fresh produce section of Switzerlands supermarkets. There is more than one choice of the same item, normal and ecological. The section is huge and the produce just couldnt be any fresher. I am more used to open-air farmers markets and Turk-Veggie Shops, and he he: my own garden!

Could it be that nobody eats vegetables here? I guess it must be so, because the people i have seen here and seen eating only know potatoes and possibly, but not necessarily, one portions of vegetables a day. Oh how i miss Tescos Food section now!

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