I love strawberries

Look at these shiny, red berries that grow every spring. Their shape and texture is a masterpiece of creation. When i approach the berries in the shop, i can smell them even with head wind. They are everywhere, all around me, in my mind and finally: in my mouth.

The entire shop smells of strawberries and all the other berries on offfer now... ahhhh!!! I could buy them all.

Smells are highly important in a human. We all memorise things and experiences with smells. We cannot actively remember smells, but when we encounter the same smell again, we will remember what we were doing when we were connecting that situation to the smell. That happens even after a long time. I remember i was isung Nivea plain body lotion at the time i was visiting Sweden for the first time (about 20 years ago). I was using the body lotion there too after sunbathing. My mind connected the lotion with the swedish summer: strawberries, beach, sand, ocean, sun and ice cream. Whenever i smell Nivea Bodylotion nowadays, i can literally smell Sweden, and i feel like home. Mnnnnnnn!

As a new owner of my strawberries i carried them home, washed them and tried them instantly. The outcome was terrible. They tasted wishy-washy! Used to the great strawberries of Norway i ask to myself: Where is all the sweetness gone? Now i understand what norwegians meant when they said "norwegian strawberries are the best".

They were right. After all.

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