Life is all about missing trains and busses isn`t it?

Sometimes we miss trains and busses on purpose. Intentional missing, because you deliberately want to cause the consequences. We choose to take the next one, or none at all.

Sometimes we miss trains, busses, planes accidentally. We had planned to catch it, however it didn`t work out.

A chain of things can happen due to either of them. And we are porbably not even aware of that in the very moment. That all comes much later, when we think about what really happened.

The difference is this:  Do you sometimes regret not having taken that tramway on the rainy summers evening...

Remember back when this happened to you...
...the air was filled with that dusty smell coming from the warm water drops that hit the concrete. You took a deep breath and felt somehow ambivalent, you felt a little chilly... and also some disappointment inside you. Then you turned around, and walked into the other direction.

That little chill you felt was not only from the sudden temperature drop.

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