Now that the sun is gone we are all complainging about the rain

Ahh rain. Thankfully came today.

Thank you for coming rain. We really missed you. Thanks to you, the grass will become green again, the flowers get to drink somoething, the heat will be gone and the pollen are being washed away.

Nobody thanks you for coming, which is such a shame. We tend to complain that it`s cold now but hey there will be so many hot days coming. I enjoy it if it`s not too hot for a change. Its a bit of a mistery to me now when i think back of how i was able to cope with 45 deg in Alice Springs. I remember it was too hot to move. I walked a couple of meters and then just went into the next shop to cool down in the aircondition. Then the next couple of meters were tackled. It felt like burning my sking and eyes. At night i dipped into the pool that had a refreshing 39 degrees... And hey, when we went up to Standley Chasm it started to RAIN!!! So i saw the rare thing in the desert: Rain. Would have loved to see Uluru  in rain too.

I remember how it felt when i lived in Cairns in the rain season. Yep i lived there in dry AND in rain season. It rained for 3 weeks without a stop. It is warm rain and it does make no difference if you are standing in the rain or inside a house. You feel wet anyway, all he time, day and night... The back yard was flooded, for crossing the street you needed to wade throught knee-deep water first. That was because the streets surface is roundish, so the water does not stay in the middle of the street. That way you can avoid aquaplaning, well, if the water drains were still working ok. At times there was just too much water to handle... It was an adventure.

Thank you rain, you can stay for some days, I like your visit.

See you soon

Your Wanderlust Girl

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  1. Good refreshing writting,love and understand our need and your pleasure in rainy days,


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