Why I love dogs so much

Are you a dog person?  Then you are just right here in my article. Welcome. I would like to tell you why I like dogs.

I love it when a dog shows your attention and shows that it likes you. Look them into their eyes and it will not only see deep down inside your soul, but you will also see it´s emotions. Dogs cannot talk, therefore they express their emotions by barking, tail wagging, looks and exageration when they are happy. When you take the leash, your dog knows exactly that you are going to take him for a walk, take  a look at what he is doing. I have never seen any other animal expressing this overwhelming happyness and exitement than a dog. It will jump up and down, bark and run around, wig its tail... Ahh I love dogs. And the dog does me good too when i can walk with it. Its good for me because i can exercise and I am outside.

Dogs are always true, loyal and never stop loving you once they do love you. If they love you, then the will love you forever,. Unlike humans.
Dogs will never disappoint you. Unlike humans.
Your dog will never say "no, i dont feel like going for a walk today" unless he is seriously ill and cannot walk. Even if your dog is sick, it will still want to go for a walk with you and be right next to you all the time.

I like dogs for cuddling them and giving them my love. I know love will come back from them to me. Isn`t it the best thing to cuddle your hairy monster and to feel its wet tongue on your cheek? Dogs are a great gift and I am very happy that god created these lovely creatures. 

In memory of my best friend: Appa. I will love her forever, just like she loves me.

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  1. Hi!
    Sounds like Appa is dead... She isnt... But it came close this fall. I found a tumor in her mouth. We went straight to the vet ofc. and the vet removed it and sent it to the lab to check if it cancer. And ofc the answer was yes, it is. I took her back to the vet for a x-ray. The vet didnt find more tumors, but we have to go there for check ups every secound month now.
    Fortunately we found the tumor very early and it might not have spread to bones and teeths.

    So if im lucky Appa is cured and will live for many years to come!



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