You gotta have it all

Recently i fliped through these ads that come flying into your letterbox every day. They show you what you should own:

Flatscreen tv, dishwasher, car, armani shoes, a nice watch, an iphone, another notebook and a suit, this fancy handbag, dvd player..... These ads are often accompanied with successful happy men or women or both.

Wooow i gotta buy all that shit to feel full and appreciated. To be respceted and feel like a "happy successful somebody"-. Because without all these things i am a "nobody"..  :(

I don´t own a TV. I dont own a dishwasher, car, armani shoes, nice watch. I dont own an iphone or several computers, fancy dresses and a YSL handbag... oh my god. Then it`s true that i gotta be a nobody.

Quick, rush to the shops and buy it for ONLY 9999.99!! A real bargain.

Yours truly

Tanja Wanderlust, proud to be a nobody

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