Your biggest enemies in life...

Hi and thank you for reading me. Something new for you here. I would like to share my insights with you. I am not telling you how to life your life. Oh no, I don´t have the right to judge anybody except myself. This is only something I would like to share with other people.

The 4 things to avoid in life:

Big thing and very easily slip into it. You have got your job and home, friends, hobby.. you are settled and feel ok, but just ok. Things are smooth and you like your daily routine.. But sometimes you think: hmmm something is missing but what? There you have it! It might be that you are living the mediocricy life.

You could do better in your job, can you? You could be better in your hobby, could you? You could have a house/flat you really like and not just accepted because you got used to? You could wear nicer clothes and look better if you really wanted to? You could get a better boyfriend for sure. Yesss... but mediocricy has become so comfortable in your life, right?

I have never been a procrastinator myself in all my life. Therefore it always struck me whenever my path crossed with one. I just couldn´t believe how a person could put off meetings, things to do or daily routine like cleaning or washing or just anything. I normally just walked away from these people. If I´ve got an idea, I´ll do it right away. Period.

Do you dream of a change for the better in your life?
Set your goals first. So the ultimate goal basically is just to avoid wasting time. How often do you set goals? And what are they? Do they go like "make more money" or "become happy". It´s a rubbish goal because it will never occur. These are just wishes. A goal should be something like that "I want to loose 5 kilos within the next 3 months" Be precise and then think about how to reach it. For example "I will go to the gym 3 times a week and only eat sweets on a sunday".

Write down the goals for the next 6 months/year/5years and 10 years. Review them once a month, the long term ones twice a year. Start your day early and try to get everything done before noon. You won´t imagine how relieved you feel once everything is done! Then write a "do to" listfor the next day once you are done with your daily work.

Shoulda, coulda, woulda...? You are thinking too much. The past is the past and you cannot change it. Yes, we have all been there and made mistakes. HOWEVER, you made the mistakes for learning. Don´t be afraid to make mistakes. We´ve been there and done it too. Too much thinking and questioning myself and what I have done. It´s just a waste of time. Relax.. You cannot turn back time you can only move forward.

Recently I saw this greeting card at the post office (really, the last place to find such a great insight). It said: Life can be narrowed down to one simple and whonderful sentence: It always moves forward.

Instability is the most succesfull recipe for hitting rock bottom. How to get stability?

I placed this big word here and realised myself that its not so easy to know what stability is and where it comes from. Is it a home? A job? Your annual long-waited-for holiday? Acheaving your goal? Friends? Family? Or all together maybe?

What I can say is that following your own pace in life, your goals and dreams  will give you stability. You will gain stability by stopping procrastination, mediocricy and regrets. Stability should be the ultimate goal you strive for in life. That´s why It takes a lifetime to become the best we can possibly be!

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