Life is full of little surprises

.. don´t close the door to them too early once they are there.

So when I hitchhike, I keep telling myself "The nice people will stop and pick me up".
The others don´t. It doesent really matter where I stand and how long I wait, because I know for sure, a friendly person will stop. I don´t mind waiting and I stay calm and reassured. Because I know that at some point somebody will be sent to me. These somebodies are often people who did hitchhiking too when they were younger and impress me with their stories.

I strongly recommend you to ask them about their experiences. The other day i was so surprised about a whoman who picked me up. She looked a bit sophisticated almost bourgeois and told me about her middle-america to Feuerland trip - all by bike - when she was in her twenties. I was flabergasted. And she is an alternative practitionner for animals. You??? And I thought I was different.

Life is full of surprises, they can come any time and any day... be careful not to let them pass. Sometimes its hard to see them clearly infront of you. You might lose your chance or neglect them..

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  1. You are so right... and hitchhiking is absolutly a great way to multiply the little surprises. Once you experienced some, you can't wait for the next to come, and you are on the road, waiting again, for another little surprise.
    And you can't stop, faire du stop!


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