Yes I am white and gorgeous! Anti-sunbathing advice..

It was a really sunny day today and my boss sat outside, baking in the sun. She had been doing that for so many days already. I on the other hand would have a cigarette in the shade, use a hat and sunscreen when i walk the dogs. Her friend told me "Wow, what weathcer, Today you gotta take the bikini out!" I replied. " I dont have time for that sorts of stuff"! 
Its not only about time, I CHOSE not to sunbathe because of the damage it will do to my skin. Honestly, I got no serious plans to go through a skin-cancer therapy or do you?

Yes, im the withest person lying on the beach, but hey, I am not afraid to be different!


  1. In south India, they all are gasping for becoming white, or whiter. They often use, if they have enough money, creams and powders that "supposed to" whiten their skin...
    While north-europeans are sunbathing on their private beaches, basting themselves with darkening oils!

    What is this world?

  2. Tanja, Tanja... Well, you'll definitely keep one kind of cancer away, smoking a CIGARETTE in the shade. But hey, long live hedonism :D




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