This article will cause some criticism.. I am well aware of that...

Knowledge is power. However, knowledge can be doom too.

Once I know how things in this world work, it gives me a certain advantage for steering my life. The more I know, the better choice I will make.

If I know that alcohol is bad for my liver, I will try to avoid it. If I know that too much meat will lead to heart desease and an ealry death, I will avoid it or find ways to avoid it. Even more so, if I know that meat productioin takes up so much resources that grain production becames nearly impossible. Grain is the source of nutrition for most people in the world but due to the meat production gets less and less. Therefore prices rise and the less fortunate people cannot afford it anymore. (What will they eat?)
If i know that the woman who sewed this fancy T-shirt in Bangladesh is forced to work 15 hours a day, 7 days a week to make ends meet, i will avoid buying such items. If I know that the gardener who by spreading all the pesticides on this piece of fruit risks his life and health for us every day, I will try to avoid such nutritions. Not only for his sake but also for mine.

I could go on forever listing things here. However, the important question here is this one though:
How can we solve these complex problems? The injustice and the constant manipulation of our own thoughts? 

Are we even capable of solving them? Sure thing that mankind created them. My thrive to solve these problems might be too big a task, too big to grasp the complexity of world exonomics, politics and ethics.
Are there solutions for this? OR do we need to create tools for solving it first? But even if we can come across with some solutions, are we capable of imposing them? Who wants to cut back on all these nice comforts: car, gas, electricity, meat, cheap clothes, heating, computers, cinemas, bars? I know wht many are thinking: The others! 
So we keep drifting along, dismiss the problems, keep discussing them, wasting time instead of acting. I don´t know the solution myself, but I want to know.

Or is the solution simply a big crash to "solve" our problems by eradicating evil mankind?

Knowing all this, thinking that there is no possible solution makes "knowing" even more painful. Go ahead and live happily ever after in ignorance or keep living with the powerlessness.

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