I want to travel with small luggage: Introduction

How to pack your bag and travel light

Have you ever wondered how some people can fit a weekly luggage into a small size backpack?  Have you ever carried too much around on trips and wished that YOU could also go travelling with this tiny backpack?

The days of carrying heavy bags are over for good now. Just keep reading.

Most people bring too much stuff with them when they travel. Funny enough, they bring even more stuff home because the bought more along the way.

See how to avoid that:
I´ve seen backpackers out there who carry 20kg bags, wear them in an uncomfortable way and are therefore completely immobile. None of them has ever told me they would enjoy it! Please, dear reader, don´t go down that road, it´s unnecessary and your neck and back will hurt. Moreover carrying heavy bags will keep you from being mobile and move quickly.

I usually travel with my 36 litres backpack getting up to around 7-8 kilograms max. (It was 10 kilos on my last trip and I felt utterly annoyed. Never again...) It is small enough for being hand luggage - dimensions: 55/30/20cm on many airlines and big enough for everything you need. That way I can walk around a town with my backpack on me at all times. Hey, I never need to bother about lockers.. That means: another 3-5 Euros saved I can use for making some nice food for my hosts/friends. And it´s so comfortable too, to have everything with you all the time. And that´s what you want. Especially as a hitch-hiker. You want and you NEED to be mobile. Have you ever seen a hitch-hiker with a trolley-luggage? Nope. You should be able to carry everything AND have your hands free.

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