Being a student.. is... ?

Hello my freinds

Since I am an official student again now, I wanted to write something about my daily feeling as a student.


- enjoy to do my groceries on a weekday at 11am or 2pm. Ahhh not many people around, loads of space, and no long queues..No elderly blocking the way (because they already done the shopping at 8am or will do them at 5pm when everybody else does or they are at home eating lunch)

- love to plan my day on my own. I can decide myself if I want to sit in the lecture or if i want to read, write or work during that time. The only thing that matters is : i HAVE to study. at some point.

- never have to deal with an anrgy boss: because I AM MY OWN BOSS. haaaaa haaaaa!

- do work harder than somebody who has a 9-5 job, because: i work 7 days a week.. yep. Consider I am writing this at 1am, after a 7 hours shift at my "second" imagine a life with 2 full days off AND all evenings off.. What a life!

- have to read a book per week to follow one single seminar. One seminar.. That is nothing, consider the rest of the tasks / assignments.. Oh sorry, did you think we are just doing nothing as students? Then you are obviously wrong here.. but I dont mind you continuing reading. Find out what we do all day long..

"oh dude, its not just sitting around in the grass talking and getting drunk at student parties  " no. Yaun..

- I have to use the bike to travel from A to B. I use it to lessen my transport costs. I am actually only paying half of what I would pay if I took the bus from outside the house.. But Im so ambitioned, that I`d rather bike all the way.. its not possible sometimes because I wouln`t have enough time to get from lecture A in building F to lecture B in building G in a completely different part of town.

- often hear people say "i have no money" but they actually have 50000 in the bank.. Oh no, you are right, it´s nothing..

-got assignements to do: write papers, hold speaches, read books, write tests.. oh dear. Only 5 weeks left and so much work left. But the term only just becgun 2 months ago?  At the same time i am somewhat happy that it will be over soon, 3.5 months of time for writing, reading books I wanted to read during the term and coudlnt manage,..summer time....

Wanna know more?

Article on Hubpages about the cons and the one and only positive thing! Must read!

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