I am different, so are you?

I am writing this post for all of you out there who .... you will know if this text is for you or not..
and,  yes you will hate me for writing it. Enjoy, im curious to see the comments and reactioins...

You cannot get rid of hunger by eating money, can you? Neither by drinking gas... and what will you do once the ATM doesent spit out money anymore for you??? You will be LOST. Oh my god..

The other day,  some dude on the street with good clothes asked us for help. in fact was Saturday night and we were on the way to a party.

He said "they stole my harddisk and now i need to get to Berne. (10pm at night)  I got a train ticket, oh... no,... actually i dont have a ticket... can you pay me a ticket?"  

I replied.: Hitchhike! He thought i would fool him. I told him "i hitched all the way to the russian border from here once and across europe" ... he felt even more fooled and got angry...so we drove off.... Poor guy. cannot organise his life witout money and his computer.

I am very sorry for all of you, who are unable to live without money, who are incapable of leaving your "custom thought pattern"governed by dollars. Governed by your worldview considering them as god-given. It is not. You only grew into it. You grew into that system and because you don´t know anything else, its very normal that you belive that nothing else exists.

What?? You dnt get it? If you dont get the message: go and do some shopping to get rid of these crazy thoughts that I am posting here. It´s better for you.

Have fun and bye!!!


  1. Well, that's a bit caustic indeed!
    I understand it perfectly. But, I don't know, it seems that you just got anxious about it.
    When I have to deal with people who are too much into the capitalistic-modern-brainwashing-whatever pattern, I just try to explain, and if they don't understand, then let go, and I try not to to be upset of any sort. People just go the way they go, and one day maybe they'll learn how to do things without money, maybe not. Such is life. I am just happy for myself that I know how to do.

    It seems that you used sarcastic tone by anger, or like a "ras-le-bol" (in english, it would be something like "I can't get any more").

    Did you?

    Interesting posting though, I liked :)

  2. Bra Tanja. Du är verkligen unik som alla vi andra bara vi vill erkänna det. Sänder nu en julhälsning till Dig och hoppas Du har haft ett gott år 2011 och att kommande år blir innehållsrikt. Sköt om Dig!
    Varma "tomtehälsningar"
    Solveig och Erling


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