The single best thing we can do for our health and well being!

Today, when I sat in the waiting room of my physiotherapist, I opened one of these health magazines.. Well, usually I know what they are writing about.. they will write some travel stories, health tips and recipes “stay slim over x-mas and new years, but still indulge”. Stuff like that. 

You surely understand my sarcasm about people reading these things and understanding that magasines write the same stuff all the time.. Anyway. I found an article about new years resolutions and why they never work. I personaly NEVER take new years resolutions.. because, I know they dont work. There are other measures if you want to change behaviour, it doesent coincide the date...

Anyway, I had a look at the article which in generally speaking said that:

Over 50% of the people wish to achieve the following things next year.
  • less stress
  • more time for loved ones
  • lose weight

I couldn`t finish the article unfortunately as my physiotherapist called me for going inside her office. But, I kept thinking about it. Thinking about how I could make a business helping them. How can we help these people? There is obviously a big demand for more time, relaxing and avoiding stress. But people dont know how to manage. And I cannot make a day include 30 hours.. 

I told my physiotherapist about this. She replied that if people worked less, they would achieve all the 3 in one go. They just want to earn too much money, if they could accept to earn less , the could have such a full life. And she is so right!!! Here is her link if you want to book her

So, my friends : Imagine this scenario: 

 You will work less hours and earn less money. 

What would that bring? By doing so, you will have more time to:
  1. workout
  2. go for long walks in the forest
  3. play with your kids, pets, etc
  4. See your friends more often
  5. Have more time to cook healthy food

→ Doesent that seem like a good life to lead?

You would be more relaxed, eat better and be fitter. According to our friend here, Doctor Mike Evans Watch the awesome video!
the most, I repeat MOST important, single best thing to do for your health is: exercise!!! Yep, I know. Nothing new.. 

Think about it and make it happen. I´m going for a walk now, the second today. It won´t cost me anything but I will benefit from it. And then I will indulge in my selfmade – still warm – breadrolls. Mmmmmmmmmhhhh

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